The Soldier's prayer: 

God prepare me for war with the evil one. Protect me for his deception and allow me to destroy his followers. Give me the strength to detest all tongues that speak against your name. Train me for battle Lord so that I will be ready when the temptations come. Let me break down those who do evil so that they will not hurt your children or lead them astray. Give me the weapons to seek and eliminate the products of sin. Protect me with the full armor of God as I go into spiritual warfare. I pray this prayer in the name of your Son Jesus Amen.

Spiritual Warfare prayers, Christian

original Spiritual Warfare Prayers to help you defeat the devil in your daily life!!

The Shepherds prayer:

God I come to you in prayer today to ask for your help. Help me to lead others and to protect them from the corruption of this world. Give me the strength to shepherd the week so that they can become strong in you. Give me the strength to follow the narrow path and to lead others down the path you want them to go. I give this prayer to you lord in Jesus' name Amen.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

The Warriors prayer:

Lord help me overcome the temptation in my life. Deliver me from the evil in this world. Protect me, keep me, and defend me in my daily life. God I pray that you would give me the strength to fight the ones who do evil and to fill me up with the Holy Spirit. Equip me Lord with a warriors heart to defend the ones in need. In your Son Jesus Christ's name Amen.