Spiritual Warfare is the hardest thing a Christian can go through. As Christians fight hard and overcome Spiritual warfare.

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Spiritual warfare

‚Äčby Joshua Ojile 

Life is not about knowing the right thing to do, life is about getting up and doing what is right. Sometimes the hardest and the most challenging chapters of life are when you know the right thing, but for some reason you do evil anyways. I believe that the harder life is the greater the rewards are when you overcome it. I believe that even if you do everything right sometimes you will still suffer, and fall. The oak tree is not strong because of its size or the plentiful leaves growing on the branches. The oak tree is powerful because of the roots shot into the ground planting it solidly. Likewise a man cannot be strong unless his roots are firmly planted into the Word of God.

Spiritual warfare is much more than a struggle, it is much harder than a real fight. It is this way because as mankind we have fallen, and because we have fallen we must suffer. Id like to think that our lives are greater than the choices we make and much more powerful than the people we impact, but I am wrong, we are called to make the hard decisions we are chosen to fight for what is right and to impact the lives of others that we meet in our journey. We are just men and women but our calling is much greater than to be just a part of mankind. We are called

to act better, speak louder, and to reach those who are broken. Being like everyone else is easy and following the broad road is not a struggle. I know that it is not simple or even easy to be a Christian in fact it is very hard and challenging, because God never called us to live easy lives in fact He has called us to live hard ones. If the road you are following seems loadless and easy going, chances are you are walking down the wrong path.

The hardest part of spiritual warfare is that it is not physical, it is not as simple as being stronger or faster than another man. It is greater, it is harder, and it is a part of every Christian's life. This kind of battle is a fight with the unseen, a war with the serpent, a mind game of strife. As Christians we are called to be as Godly as possible we are called to hate evil to destroy it in fact. That is precisely why spiritual warfare is the hardest battle to win, but also the greatest reward from the victory. The road of finding your future can be rough, but much greater the challenge is, if you never search for a calling at all.

In my life there has been many times when I have been tempted to do what is wrong. I have fought hard to do what is right but I still fail and I'm not perfect. In the hardest times of my life I have seen God the most. I have heard him calling to me, speaking to me, loving me, and protecting me from evil. I have found that being a Christian is the most rewarding thing a man can achieve, and bringing others to Christ is the greatest accomplishment in a man's life. I have learned the meaning of true love I have seen the outcome of hatred and the heartache of loss. I have experienced the pain of being sick and broken, but from all of that I have seen and now understand the greater meaning of spiritual warfare.

This is a story of fighting evil this is a testimony to those who are struggling. Spiritual warfare is what defines the life of a Christian and challenges his ability to fight for God. Many men will live and die, but never discover the true reason for life on their way. So we will fight for the righteous protect the helpless and destroy evil, because that is what the lord calls us to do. Do not be discouraged if the road you are traveling has boulders or mountains, because these are the signs that you are traveling the right path.